The Power to Propel Your Research

Our patented, PCR amplification bias-controlled immunosequencing technology and data analysis solution not only delivers a robust and quantitative view into the immune repertoire, but also actionable insights that empower you to do so much more with your results.

Study Repertoire Properties
Quantitatively measure repertoire patterns such as clonality and T-cell fraction

Understand Repertoire Dynamics
Accurately track clones and identify repertoire changes over time and localization

Identify Ag-Specific and Public Clones
Match CDR3 sequences with their target using standard immunological assays and sequence enriched antigen-specific populations


End-to-end solution; from experimental design to publication ready data

Our immunoSEQ Assay has adaptability to support diverse research applications and needs.

   ✔  Flexible sample requirements allow you to work with a wide variety of sample types, including FFPE tissue, and live cells aren’t required

   ✔  Access our assays through our Service lab or our immunoSEQ hsTCRB Kit that you can run in your own lab

   ✔  Work with our dedicated support services teams to help optimize your unique experiments and navigate challenges

You don’t need to be a bioinformatician to make sense of your data! Our immunoSEQ Analyzer provides you easy to use tools to create publication ready visualizations.

   ✔  Explore data and create powerful visualizations to get insights

   ✔  Compare analysis from multiple investigators

   ✔  Share projects with colleagues and off-site collaborators

   ✔  Ask questions and get support as needed throughout your analysis from our technical services team

Get free access to the world’s largest collection of T- and B-cell receptor sequences that you can easily explore or incorporate the public data into your next paper or project.

   ✔  Expedite and streamline the peer-review process by sharing your data in an interactive format with reviewers, enabling them to explore your data directly

  ✔  Make your data public in immuneACCESS once it's published and allow researchers around the world to explore and interact with your data


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immunoSEQ is Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.