The NEW immunoSEQ TCRB Kit

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immunoSEQ is Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The gold-standard for accurate, quantitative human TCRB sequencing now in your lab


Our immunosequencing solution provides quantitative insight into the breadth and depth of the adaptive immune repertoire by controlling for PCR amplification bias with a combination of highly optimized primers, a set of synthetic immune molecules as built-in controls, and advanced bioinformatics. It is our goal to provide you with the most cutting-edge tools to power your research which is why we have optimized our assay with the following updates:


  • Compatibility with FFPE derived DNA. Redesigned primers to provide robust recovery of fragmented DNA templates.

  • Quantification of total nucleated cells. The addition of reference genes allows for qualitative assessment of DNA quality and more precise enumeration of total nucleated cells, delivering an improved T-cell fraction metric.

  • Amplification of nine newly identified alleles. New primers offer expanded sensitivity to population diversity.

  • Reduction of background sequences. Additional primer modifications reduce sequencing noise for increased precision when measuring T-cell fraction in tissue samples.

  • Increased value for Deep resolution samples. Fewer replicates needed enables more deeps per kit at a lower cost per sample.

  • Simplified workflow. A single pooled library clean up step streamlines the workflow, saving time and money.


Purchase of the immunoSEQ Kit comes with full access to our immunoSEQ Analyzer suite of tools for easy and insightful data analysis.


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